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Rescouted (again)!

2017-08-25 14:35:40 by dogo7

Hard to believe I got scouted for a THIRD time now!

Because of the new rule NG has, and because of my recent striking, I doubt I will get scouted again. This means that I will have to make a new account. Not saying what it will be though.

Banned Again. FML

2017-05-10 16:35:26 by dogo7

So I thought I found a nice loophole in the system and posted a blank song. In the description it said that it was so people could use any song they wanted without copyright strikes. Well I was so wrong.

This was a message I got just hours after posting the song.5055727_149444842182_ScreenShot2017-05-10at4.32.04PM.pngI will not be able to make any more songs to post on NG for three months. I learned my lesson. Two strikes on me so far. Waiting until August will be hard. I can barely even wait for next month when school lets out.

Making Some Remixes Lol!

2017-04-23 17:21:11 by dogo7

Made remixes of some random songs I had. One of them is of Mily Ways Redux by Bossfight. Will contact the original creator about posting my remix.

Bad News for the GD Community

2017-04-16 10:12:16 by dogo7

DonutCopper was run over by a truck last month, but he just recently died from his injuries, and the driver may have possessed heroin.

Dubstep Mixtape: 558 plays (most popular track)

Bounce Around: 498 plays (most popular single track)

Dubstep Box II: 415 plays (first sequel)

Dubstep Box I: 365 plays (close to 400 plays)

Shock Synth: 329 plays (one of my shortest tracks)

Mixed Berry: 318 plays (only nondownloadable song)

Perfect Piano: 316 plays (one of seven tracks to hit 300 plays)

Eight Bit Piano Dubstep: 279 plays (2017 song)

Wicked Bass: 246 plays (another short track)

Face Plop: 235 plays (one of my worst tracks IMO)

Back In 85: 221 plays (hit mark in just three days)

Dumptruck Flight: 197 plays (my first track)

Synchronized Bass: 118 plays (second least popular track)

Double Trouble: 82 plays (least popular single track)

New Video!

2017-03-04 17:22:40 by dogo7


2017-02-12 10:57:45 by dogo7

TOP STORY: RandyR777 has been progressing again. On 11 February 2017, he completed some notable achievements on insane and extreme demons. This includes:

  • 92 to 98 on a nerfed version of ICDX
  • 81 to 96 on unnerfed Acropolis
  • 94 to 100 on Lonely Travel
  • 85 to 100 on Conical Depression (both original and buffed)
  • 88 to 99 on Heartbeat
  • 90 to 100 on nerfed Artificial Ideology
  • 93 to 100 on unnerfed Windy Landscape

More progress is being made, as Randy has downloaded a copy of The Ultimate Phase to practice on just today. He also got 54 percent on medium demon The Lightning Road and 28 on Super Cycles.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: Randy almost has 500 stars and 100 user coins, hopefully planning to get both at the same time.

TOP 50 NEWS: YgYoshi has completed The Hell World, an extreme demon he worked on for months with iStormFlyi and others. This included a fail at 67 and multiple times at 69. It took over 6500 attempts.

EDIT: Randy now has 500 stars and 100 user coins. He tried recording this, however, due to the length of the video, it was canceled, mostly because of rage (on easy levels :-P).


2017-01-15 13:08:09 by dogo7

TOP STORY: Super Precision X has been planned out. It will be at least 80 bars long at 190 BPM. It will be in C major (the default setting for most of my songs) at 4/4. I calculated the length of the song and it will be about one minute and 40 seconds in length.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: Dubstep Box now has a sequel, which will be named Dubstep Cube. The song was recorded in just under three minutes.

GEOMETRY DASH NEWS: Yatagarasu may have been verified just recently, but keep an eye out for Det Lser Sig by randyr777, a green Nine Circles level with a Swedish 8-bit rap song remix. The music is extremely underrated in terms of usage on Geometry Dash. It will be at least a harder rated level, but the project is still underway. Randy is also working on four other levels: Bounce Around, The Rhythm (a medium demon, according to him), Acceleration, and A Zero (expected to be an object-heavy level with reflex-like timing in plenty of spots).

Upcoming Music!

2017-01-12 20:34:26 by dogo7

Here is a list of songs you can expect within the next month or two. Let me know which ones you would like to hear the most.


Ultra Demon (Fast song with over 150 BPM. I would prefer this song to be used in Nine Circles levels, extreme demons, and very difficult Hitterclick/Hitlerclick/Jitterclick, straight flying, boss fights, or layouts.)

Powerhouse (140 BPM song. Most likely chance is that it would be used in extreme Nine Circles levels, straight fly challenges, and extreme demons.)

Super Precision X (Starts out soft but gradually picks up in volume and has a drop tantamount to that of Lunar Abyss, Nine Circles, or Cry. Pretty hefty at 190 BPM.)

Super Precision Y (Sequel to SPX but starts out crazy then softens, but just before the 135 BPM drop, a scream can be heard. Best usage would be in extreme Nine Circles levels with a difficult wave segment.)

Super Precision Z (Sequel to SPX and SPY but starts out with a random disclaimer, then unexpectedly drops at over 170 BPM. Best usage would be in extreme demons.)

Bounce Around Remix (Sequel to Bounce Around with higher drop rate and 160 BPM. Most likely chances are extreme demons, challenges for Riot or SoulsTRK etc., or in a KrazyMan50 level.)

EDIT: SPX has been started, but not to be worked on until later in February 2017. Also, Dubstep Box II has been released.