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Upcoming Music!

2017-01-12 20:34:26 by dogo7

Here is a list of songs you can expect within the next month or two. Let me know which ones you would like to hear the most.


Ultra Demon (Fast song with over 150 BPM. I would prefer this song to be used in Nine Circles levels, extreme demons, and very difficult Hitterclick/Hitlerclick/Jitterclick, straight flying, boss fights, or layouts.)

Powerhouse (140 BPM song. Most likely chance is that it would be used in extreme Nine Circles levels, straight fly challenges, and extreme demons.)

Super Precision X (Starts out soft but gradually picks up in volume and has a drop tantamount to that of Lunar Abyss, Nine Circles, or Cry. Pretty hefty at 190 BPM.)

Super Precision Y (Sequel to SPX but starts out crazy then softens, but just before the 135 BPM drop, a scream can be heard. Best usage would be in extreme Nine Circles levels with a difficult wave segment.)

Super Precision Z (Sequel to SPX and SPY but starts out with a random disclaimer, then unexpectedly drops at over 170 BPM. Best usage would be in extreme demons.)

Bounce Around Remix (Sequel to Bounce Around with higher drop rate and 160 BPM. Most likely chances are extreme demons, challenges for Riot or SoulsTRK etc., or in a KrazyMan50 level.)

EDIT: SPX has been started, but not to be worked on until later in February 2017. Also, Dubstep Box II has been released.


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