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2017-01-15 13:08:09 by dogo7

TOP STORY: Super Precision X has been planned out. It will be at least 80 bars long at 190 BPM. It will be in C major (the default setting for most of my songs) at 4/4. I calculated the length of the song and it will be about one minute and 40 seconds in length.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: Dubstep Box now has a sequel, which will be named Dubstep Cube. The song was recorded in just under three minutes.

GEOMETRY DASH NEWS: Yatagarasu may have been verified just recently, but keep an eye out for Det Lser Sig by randyr777, a green Nine Circles level with a Swedish 8-bit rap song remix. The music is extremely underrated in terms of usage on Geometry Dash. It will be at least a harder rated level, but the project is still underway. Randy is also working on four other levels: Bounce Around, The Rhythm (a medium demon, according to him), Acceleration, and A Zero (expected to be an object-heavy level with reflex-like timing in plenty of spots).


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