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2017-02-12 10:57:45 by dogo7

TOP STORY: RandyR777 has been progressing again. On 11 February 2017, he completed some notable achievements on insane and extreme demons. This includes:

  • 92 to 98 on a nerfed version of ICDX
  • 81 to 96 on unnerfed Acropolis
  • 94 to 100 on Lonely Travel
  • 85 to 100 on Conical Depression (both original and buffed)
  • 88 to 99 on Heartbeat
  • 90 to 100 on nerfed Artificial Ideology
  • 93 to 100 on unnerfed Windy Landscape

More progress is being made, as Randy has downloaded a copy of The Ultimate Phase to practice on just today. He also got 54 percent on medium demon The Lightning Road and 28 on Super Cycles.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: Randy almost has 500 stars and 100 user coins, hopefully planning to get both at the same time.

TOP 50 NEWS: YgYoshi has completed The Hell World, an extreme demon he worked on for months with iStormFlyi and others. This included a fail at 67 and multiple times at 69. It took over 6500 attempts.

EDIT: Randy now has 500 stars and 100 user coins. He tried recording this, however, due to the length of the video, it was canceled, mostly because of rage (on easy levels :-P).


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